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05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
After reading the prophetic novel by Orwell, I could not help feeling physically uneasy and even a bit nausious. Throughout the book, one cannot help but notice the startling similarities between Oceania and modern American society with its blurred distinctions between news and propaganda, its promotion of violence through movies and gun-culture, its television and police surveylance, and new laws to protect our "freedom" and flawed democracy.<br>But what unnerved me the most was that it could be possible for one to lose his or her most precious inner possession. To lie one's way through life is one thing, to begin to believe it and succumb to "doublethink" is to lose one's soul. That is something far worse than death, shame or torture.<br>For that reason, every free thinker left in the country should realize that, although we still live in a noble and semi-free society, our world is becoming more like Oceania with each passing day only because we let it.<br>Never before has the U.S. govt. resembled The Party more. Although we live in a "democracy" it is a bipartisan one that gives us only one choice of candidates. And thanks to the electoral college, it eliminates that choice depending on where you live.<br>If you live in Texas, for instance, you might as well live in a totalitarian regime because the state is entirely republican. If you vote democrat or independent, your vote is lost.<br>And even when democracy prevails it is stamped out. Our current president likely was not even rightfully chosen. The popular votes says otherwise.<br>I refuse to believe that anything, even my own room 101, would drive me to betray those I love and myself in my heart as Winston did. Nevertheless, I can apply the warnings Orwell has eloquently laid out for us. The world is not as black-and-white as Oceania, but if it were:<br>Saddam Hussein would be our Emmanuel Goldstein. His book was not written by Hussein but by countless authors throughout history.<br>George W. Bush would be our Big Brother<br>The U.S. govt. would be our Party<br>the vasty vertically-integrated media would be our Ministry of Truth<br>Our entire law enforcement and intelligence community, greatly expanded the Homeland Security Department and The Patriot Act, is our thought police.<br>Television and whatever mechanisms our govt. uses to spy on us are our telescreens.<br>Iraq is our war which could be swapped out next week for Iran just as Eurasia was swapped for Eastasia. <br>And our decaying and flawed judicial and prison system are our Ministry of Love.<br>In light of all that, one must continue to believe there is nothing The Party can do or say to convince us of what we already know. That we are free in our minds. It is our duty as people who still remain human to tell the world that 2+2=4.<br>