View Full Version : I know Winston

05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
I felt as if i knew winston. Him and i were same and in every which way continue to be the same. 1984 unleased a fear for the future inside of me. It made me question the motives of others. I fell in love with 1984 and have not been able to part with the book ever since. Orwell is one of the worlds angels. He is one of the world's geniuses. I praise Orwell for allowing such thoughts come out of him to create such a chilling book. thank you thank you... I use to think that it was futile to make a difference. I use to think that one person could only do so much. But Orwell was one person. He is my hero. And i feel as if i am nothing but his alienated Winston who will inevitably 'love big brother'.