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03-01-2003, 02:00 AM
I guess we must both be believers who so happen to be using the net and have come up with contemplating the '1984' book. I don't know how but anyway it is intresting that we (believers) are so hyped up about the end times and the Revelations in a good and not so good way. I would have preferred to use the terms effeicent and not so effecient. Anyways, what I mean is that though some have obviously noted some similarities with endtime prophecies, and others are even giving their personal and detailed testimonies, it still shocks me that amidst all this revealing and reffering; we still have fellow beleivers: <br>using phones,pagers,mobiles,<br>credit cards, ATM's,<br>wage working, bank investing,<br>online-reading,e-mail sending,<br>net-cafe, libary reforming,<br>cable watching, bbc licence paying<br>and.....<br>I shall not be overpowered but at the moment....<br><br>Believers, do we think this (Mark) will come in an instant?<br><br>That we will just all of a sudden swtich off this system while we are yet statistically progressing it?<br><br>"Believers, preperandess makes us powerful"<br><br>Self refusal and neglect to the system is an<br>exercise in Christian Liberation!!<br><br> <br>

07-27-2003, 01:00 AM
The Bible does not call for us to abandon technology. The antichrist will come regardless of sword or cruise missile. The message of the Bible is to share the only true weapon against the antichist and that is Jesus Christ

05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
I find it interesting how people are just beginning to see that what happened in 1984 might happen to mankind today, when it was been prophesized in the Bible over thousands of years ago. Don't you think that the Bible is a little more accurate than 1984, as well written as it is, and even the news? There will come a day when one man will stand and rule society through peace, or so called peace. He will control the world, but God will prevail in the end. Who is he? He's the Antichrist. For more information, read the book of Revelation, in the Bible.