View Full Version : 1984 will never happen trust me!

02-08-2003, 02:00 AM
I thank God not everyone in this country is as ignorant as you. Let's start with telescreens: A telescreen is effectively the combination of a television (for displaying images) and a camera or charge couple device (for recording and/or transmitting images). We've had television since the 1940's and we've had movie cameras since at least the end of the nineteenth century. How can you POSSIBLY live in an era characterized by super computers, hypersonic spyplanes, nuclear capability, space travel, satelite communication, etc., etc. and NOT realize we've had the ability to make something as simple as a telescreen for the past half century??<br><br>It is true that the constitution guarantees us a great many rights that set us apart from most other nations. And make no mistake, I AM proud to be an American. But the writers of the constitution never had to deal with technological threats such as identity theft and electronic surveillance. And by electronic surveillance, I don't mean the cheap cameras you see at Wal-marts and convenience stores. I'm talking about the reams of data the government has compiled on everyone in this country. Take it for granted, the government knows a great many things about you that you never thought possible; things they do not NEED to know or have the RIGHT to know. Depending who you are they may even know intimate details of your personal life. A lot of this is done in the interest of national security. But if they decide to do it for unconstitutional reasons (and it HAS happened) whose going to police the police, so to speak? The line between "Need-to-know" and invasion of privacy has been steadily shifting. We haven't had real privacy in this country for quite a long time. You can barely look up at the sky anymore without somebody in some bunker halfway across the country knowing what color your eyes are. I'm not a paranoid conspiracy theorist. I just happen to have a much better understanding of technology than most.<br><br>Anyone who has read my post knows I'm not afraid of technology. Quite the contrary, I love it. But as I said in my post, I also believe that relatively few people have sufficient understanding of and respect for technology to avoid becoming enslaved by it should it be used for the wrong purposes. The phrase "The price of liberty is eternal vigilance" is very true in more ways than one. When we become cocky and complacent and put all of our faith in a seemingly benevolent and infallible system thinking, "It can't possibly happen to us", that's when we're most vulnerable.

05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
Sure, people may think that 1984 is not too distant from the present, but in actuality, it will never happen. With the way our country is running, it could never fully happen. Precautions are being taken to create a safe enviornment for everyone, like the use of cameras in public areas. Televisions are not like telescreens, because if we had the ability to make telescreens, then I'm sure that things would be completely different. But of course anything is possible, it COULD exist, but I just don't believe that it will. Thanks to documents like the ones we have, The Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, our country will be just fine. It will probably be other countries that do not have the documents the U.S. has, to remember what the United States of America is proudly standing for.