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05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
I think that animal farm is a good book it tells alot about the history of the war and I would recomind it to people who like history in a different way.........In 2002-2003 our class was required to read Animal Farm and write a summary for each chapter, and an event calender. We were also required to give examples and relate the animals to today. I felt that this book was very good. But I felt the author could have given a little more descriptions for the minor characters. I couldnt figure out why he placed several characters in the book but then barely talked about them. They were used for a chapter or two and then they seemed to disappear. I felt that this story taught me a lot about history that I never even knew about before. Since I wasnt here for most of sixth grade, where I came from was a year behind everyone else, for math and social studies. It was very difficult to get catched back up on history but I wouldnt have changed anything. This book will teach you a lot on Russian Communism, and how it effected us.