View Full Version : Socialism In The Western World circa 1940's

Cpt. Joel Bonhomme
05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
It would seem that you have left out one minor detail. Yes, the story is a satire of the Russian Revolution, but there are many allussions to the idea of the socialist democracy, which was a "hot topic" in the western world at the time he was writing the book. There are many places in the book where Orwell make analogies, or should I say "anima-nalogies", referring to the arguement that a socialist democracy was possible. There are far to many of them for me to point out without devoting way too much time to this comment. However, if you read the book, with the idea of looking for "anima-nalogies" concerning "Socialized Democracy", you will find many. The idea of the socialist democracy was very popular amoung many circles at the time the book was written. Nearly 60 years later most democracies are in some form socialist, including the united states, with all of it's social programs. One could make the arguement that in regard to Orwell's sneers at the idea of the socialized democracy, he was wrong. It can and does work every day all over the world.<br>None the less, it is still a very good satire and a good reminder of what NOT to allow to happen.