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05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
Hello, I am in eigth grade and I wrote a book report I'd like to contribute, It isn't as in depth as those above me but maybe you'd like to read it anyway.....<br><br>Animal Farm tells a far-fetched tale of common livestock taking over the Manor Farm. In theory the book is about communism. Author George Orwell, through the use of symbolism, explains how communist leaders can successfully take over and control whole countries. The book was written during the cold war and was targeted at Russia’s leader, Stalin, a communist organizer at the time.<br><br> It begins one evening during the Animals nightly meeting. Major, the oldest and wisest pig at Manor Farm, gives his last and most desperate oration. He tells his fellow beasts of an Animal ruled future and encourages the group to initiate the revolution. Endless benefits pour from the pig’s mouth and the animals are inspired. Three days later Major dies his dream unrealized.<br><br> That summer the still enthused creatures stumble upon a rare opportunity. A very drunk Master Jones, the owner of the farm, comes home late one evening forgetting to feed his animals. Desperately the starving beasts break into the food supply. The racket arouses Jones and he comes stumbling outside. At that moment the animals realize their luck, they run the Joneses off their land, forever.<br><br> All is well at the now Animal Farm. The pigs, obviously the brightest, become the leaders and create the seven commandments. <br><br>"1. Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy.<br>2. Whatever goes upon four legs or has wings, is a friend.<br>3. No animal shall wear clothes.<br>4. No animal shall sleep in a bed.<br>5. No animal shall drink alcohol.<br>6. No animal shall kill any other animal.<br>7. All animal are equal."<br><br>*George Orwell, Animal Farm<br><br>But what begins as a seemingly fair democracy slowly, and quite discreetly, becomes a totalitarian empire. Each rule is carefully altered by the pigs. First the pigs move into Joneses retired farm house and sleep in the families beds. When the animals question this and consult the seven commandments the find they must have been mistaken, number four clearly states: "No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets." Animals not complying with the pigs strict and overbearing rules are quickly mauled by their dogs. And commandment 6 becomes: "No Animal shall kill another without cause."<br>The insanity continues. The most devoted and determined horse is sent to the glue makers, dealings are made with neighboring human farmers. One evening the pigs are found crashed in the farmhouse, after a night of heavy drinking. The tale ends as a poker scene is depicted between the now clothes wearing rulers and man. The common animals watch unseen as their leaders quietly morph into humans, the most despised creatures of all. <br>