View Full Version : Summation at top of page is inaccurate!? (Spoilers throughout)

05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
"...pigs engineer a rapproachement with Mr Jones"; Did the person who wrote the sumation watch the movie and not read the book? This is how it happened in the movie, but the Mr. Jones dies in the book, and the rapproachement was with the neighboring farmers.<br><br>I've read this book several times (32 years old FYI), and the first time I<br>read it, I was not aware of the historical paralels (never had to read it for school). However, even without this knowledge, the book stands on it's own as a classic.<br><br>The detailed formation of leadership, rules, and the following warping of the rules is fantastically told. It gives a fine demonstration of the axiom "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely".<br><br>It gives one a greater apreciation of the character and genius of the founding fathers of America. Just imagine, our system of government is essentially the same as it was since it's first attempt! Historically this is just amazing. Consider it took England about 1000 years of evolution to develop it's current system of government