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ALice reader
05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
The beauty of htis story is that it did not pertain to the usual rules of writing and that the imagination was soemwhat limited to what was acceptable. The book has showbn that more people thatn we think can embrace their imagination''s full potential if htey open it up to any ;possibility. Teh book and movie resemble a vivid dream one would have openoing his mind to all of life s expericence in short finding out ones imagination in a whirl of fantasitic ideas. THE ideas at their root are simple and travel into hte endless realities that our imagination can conjure. This is one reality that we would hope not to forget and remmeber for its exploration int o twhat our memories can behold if we let them run free onto any topcic and dont unconciously filter out everything that seems too simplistic for doing htois will make our ideas the most profound