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01-02-2016, 08:48 PM
Hello book lovers,
I used to consider myself a fervent reader of literature but since I've only been reading crime thrillers, espionage and murder mysteries, I don't think my reading is diverse enough to justify such a claim. Lately, I've decided to start reading classics and books that can open my mind's eyes to things that I know exist but don't have the right tools to explore. I ended up deciding to begin with The Brothers Karamazov by Dostoevsky as it was one of the few books I was able to find in town. I live in Freetown (Sierra Leone) and there are no dedicated bookshops here, which means, you basically buy what you can find on the day. I ended up buying a used copy of the Penguin translation by Mcduff. However, I had found online that several editions of the novel exist with excellent illustrations by very gifted artists like Fritz Eichenberg. I've even read a post on this forum by a member claiming that 'you haven't read Dostoevsky if you haven't seen the illustrations by Fritz Eichenberg'. As this is my first foray into books that delve deeply into philosophical themes, I think my reading experience will benefit greatly from the visual inputs of artists that thoroughly understand the contexts. I am therefore pleading to anyone who has an illustrated copy of The Brothers Karamazov, who is willing to take scans of the illustrations, to share them with me. I know such a request might be considered under the act of 'piracy', but given my location and situation, there's nothing I can do but to resort to such based requests. I hope you understand.
Thank You.

01-05-2016, 10:25 PM
To get a feel of how unlucky I am, I found a Russian website that currently holds more than 1700 sets of illustrations for all sorts of books. There were illustrations for Tolstoy, Shakespeare, Charles Dickens etc . . . but nothing for Dostoevsky.