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05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
This book is total great. What is unique about this books is that Sir Ivanhoe combines alliance with Robin Hood (originally Sir Robert of Locksley) to fight against Prince John and free King Richard the Lion-Hearted from Tirol. They were helped by Isaac of York, Girth, Wamba and other allies of their sides. Besides, Ivanhoe's romance with Lady Rowena is one of the interesting parts of the whole storyline. The English used by Sir Walter Scott is so strong until that encouraged me more to read the book. This book enhanced more of my learning skills in English practical grammar. Another advantage for me is that I get to know more about the Ancient History of Great Britain. Everyone believed that King Richard was a great ruler. For me, I would support the release of King Richard and when getting to know with Ivanhoe and Robin, imagining I'd love to be their friend and ally.