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05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
this is bullsh*t. Spiritual level? grow up? this is a BOOK. it has nothing to do with spiritual level or growing up. How can kiling monster or having an affair with nymph has anything to do with understanding life and grow up. <br>This is just a fantasy of ancient writer. It's tale, it's only works as entertainment and reading, it won't work as your life guide or other crap like that.<br>Since when does Odysseus has fear of women ?!? This such a bullsh*t. He gets himself in trouble with Cyclopes? He sailed to unknown land and wondered in cave... Before being stupid , plz, read the poem.<br>This book is for men to help them grop up and be a man?!? geez, youre stupid. This poem is only for understanding ancient culture and lifestyle of greeks and romans. It shows how they lived their lives, how they waged wars. Starnger were allowed into the house for sleep-overs, without even asking their name. They were fed and bathed, with all possible comforts.<br>In my point of view our culture progressed only backwards since the "Odyssey". Don't be stupid people...<br>

10-13-2006, 09:35 AM
actually I would disagree. He is stuck on an island with Calypso for 7 years. He is forced to have no active adventure after living a very male dominated existance. He is forced to be with the feminine..he has nothing but his primal urge against the female and he also has the craving of the mother figure. She protects him from Poseidon for 7 years. Had he not had this hibernation of character he would have never managed to face the rage of posiedon and survived.

Back in ancient Greece they knew that life is not complete unless you have a balance of male and female..hence the fact they have a balance of male and female divinities.

you are telling me just because the book/poem is ancient Homer didnt have themes or character development in mind?

Homer only wrote it to show us in the future how things were back then??

Ok what ever.