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Daniel Brennan
05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
I actually found this site while looking for a quote from one of my many favorite Shakespeare plays, "As You Like It". After verifying my memory, I was amused by reading through all of the above comments, especially the ones about the "difficult" words. I guess I'm strange but I love words of all kinds and when I first read a Shakespeare play, "King Lear" when I was six, I immediately fell in love with the way Shakespeare played with words. I used to have a big dictionary by my little wooden desk and I would spend hours going through different plays and looking up words. For me, not understanding a word the first time around was half the fun. I really do not understand why this would trouble anyone. I can only guess that many people today expect things to be served up already cooked, ready to eat. I would only humbly suggest that sometimes it's nice to do one's own cooking. <br><br><br>Daniel