View Full Version : YAY! Good play!

05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
I love Shakespear! He is a great playwright! We just finished reading the taming of the shrew for our English class and I loved it! I would Like to say it is NOT sexist. there is nothing sexist about it...the idea is that Kate has to come to grips with her role in society, which durring that time period was to be a gentlewoman and take care of the home. She has this horrible attitude that has become so much apart of her that she can't get rid of it herself. She needs petruchio's help. ALthough his mathods are unorthadox, they are exactly what Kate needs to rid herself of the habit and attitude she hates. There are many interpretations of the play and I respect that, but I cannot see where anyone who has any understanding of Shakespear and literarture could say this play is sexist. If it is sexist then Merchant of Venice would have to be anti-jewish. Anyway, Taming of the Shrew ROCKS!