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05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
I know that Brutus is the “tragic hero.” It can never be Antony. He’s not only doing all this for revenge but more importantly for his own sinister agenda, which is power. Antony is a symbol of deception and dishonesty. Brutus, on the other hand is a symbol of democracy, honesty, and integrity. If you believe Antony, that Brutus was corrupt, then you are just as susceptible as the plebeians are.<br>To address the debate over Brutus death: Brutus was always a very honorable man, even his wife showed honor, he would never have allowed anyone to witness his humiliation and his being chained like an animal. Brutus has already concluded that Caesar was “bad” and that he and the conspirators were doing “good.” If anything he would have committed suicide over his wife’s death not Caesars. <br>I know this is how Shakespeare wanted his play to be cherished and understood. Don’t let those slow, dim-witted, unperceptive children tell you differently.<br>