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05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
I am in highschool at the moment so my comment might sound quite retarded, but i was actually looking for a monologue that i could do for a peformance obviously i clicked on the wrong sight. I saw and read the comments that was made by others and I think you guys did a really good job I know I could never really write anything that good. I did a poem on Julius Caesar though, im gonna type it down even though i know this comment probably won't be pasted up,<br><br>Filled with anger and power,<br>Julius Caesar never did once cower.<br>He was strong but week for he<br>Never had the strength to weep.<br>Many would say he was crazy<br>and I believe that he was so.<br>But how would you be if people thought<br>of you to be a king once and no more.<br><br>