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05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
I'll take the classic teenage view on this story. It stunk. The plot was not at all gripping. The play flew by(not in a good way, it's just that the struggles of the plot flew by). Shakespeare didn't get the audience time to fully understand the play. He did have the action scenes, but those made the audience like Mercutio and Tybalt more. They didn't help the overall plot of Romeo and Juliet. The drama of the play didn't come out. You'd think that Friar Lawrence being as wise as he is wouldn't just give a potion to knock out Juliet so easily. It's supposed to be realistic, yet it isn't. The language stunk also. I understand it was past times, but it stillmakes little sense, all in all. The Comedy in this play was very, very minimal making it worse(mercutio was the only funny one). The romantic scenes dragged on. It was boring and if i had to rate this play id give it a 2/10. The only good thing is that there is philosophy in the play, and the philosophy isn't all to complicated. Also, the philosophy comes out the wrong time because two charcters will be having a nice talk then one character bursts out talking about the sun being enemies with the moon, and so forth. I really didn't enjoy this play, no matter what you say.