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05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
I think that Romeo and Juliet is a great play. Everyone had a flaw in the play. It wasn't just Friar fault.<br>For example, if Mercutio never fought Tybalt, than Romeo would have not fought him, so that Prince would have never banished Romeo.<br>If Romeo or Juliet think twice, it wouldn't happened, like when Romeo just bought the poison as soon when he heard it about Juliet being dead, he didn't see himself first, or Juliet just went to Friar plan about the poison quickly.<br>Lord Capulet picked her husband, she couldn't pick.<br>Every person in the play had a flaw, it was almost everyone fault.<br><br>Here is a good website, explaining what I am talking about.<br><br>www.123healpme.com/assets/15831.html<br><br><br>I am a 9th grader and just finish the book, but I have read the book twice in jr.high. I almost know every detail in the book now.<br>This would be my 3 time reading Romeo and Juliet.