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caleb clark
05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
look, I love romeo and juliet as much as a star track fan loves well star track, but there were just a couple of things that I would like to point out. Romeo was marrying a 14 who, as someone has already stated he only knew for six hours, and six hours before that he was mourning over some other girl(probably around the same age). Now I dont want anyone to think bad about romeo cause back in those times it was good for men to be old but for their woman to be slightly(very slighly)younger, it made them look stately, honorable. Juliet is at as much fault for this whole catastrofy as Romeo is , because she was stupid enough to take poisen. POISEN, I dont care what anyone says I'm not going to take some Ligiud that I have not a clue about, thats just crazy. Why did they go threw all that crap anyway, they could have gotten the priest blessings and went ghost. BUT they main person at fault in this tragic insident(with the exception of the two fewding families, who obviously bare alot of the blame) would have to be the Priest who sat by and uncshered this entire thing on ward. In fact it was his whole IDEA. He married these two people he gave them the plan and you know what at the very end he ran away! What kind of a priest is that? Probably the same kind that goes feeling on little boys. He probably got off on trying to get them out with a big bang, and ended up killing two people who really trusted him how did he live with that. If I were him my body would be lying there right beside Romeo and Juliet's. There was no sensible grownup in this entire thing.<br><br>By the way I'm 14.