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03-31-2013, 01:06 AM
Hi, Came here looking for a little help on a book I have. The book is Tales form Shakespeare by Charles and Mary Lamb Illustrated Deluxe Ed.
It is Hard cover with Red leather binding and gold letters. the corners of jacket are also red leather with some marble finish.
It says edited with an introduction by Alfred Ainger. Chesterfield Society, London New York.
-next page- EDITION DE LUX, One thousand copys of this edition have been printed for sale in America. (But there is no number, its blank.)
The only date i can find is after the introduction it says (1878) then A.A.
Its approx 394 pages.
Also I have Charles Lamb Letters deluxe ed. Same description as one above but it is autographed by Leigh Hunt, also no number/1000 approx 293 pages
Was wanting to know if it is a misprint maybe or a limited edition or what.. Any Help or Input would be greatly Appreciated. Thank You..:yawnb:

Charles Darnay
03-31-2013, 09:59 AM
Tales From Shakespeare was a very popular book in the mid/late 19th century. While your edition could be amongst the original 1000 printed, a quick search revealed that this books has been reprinted many times with the introduction by Ainger - and I would think that after the original prints, it was done en masse, without the numbers filled in.