View Full Version : Inferior?

05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
Yes, I found the book a bit slow, but it was worth it. <br><br>It seemed to me this book was less about the net worth of a generation, less about social understanding, and had everything to do with the education of Amory.<br><br>An interesting name to choose, also. Amory. Amo, Amore- To Love. Or the act of loving. <br><br>To presume that this book is about anything other then the main character is a vacant attempt to read the novel. It's a character study, but more importantly, it's the truth Amory comes to; Ultimately, he realizes that he is selfish, but intellegent, Loving, but lost, and all of these virtues are him. And the only thing he can do about anything is to be him, with no pretension as to anything else.<br><br>And when is self-discovery anything other than recognizing your place, your thoughts, and your ideals during your time period?<br><br>Sure, we can read this book and bring out of it a sense of Amory's generation- the American Riche of the teens and the twenties, as we could any novel of the time period. We could understanding the growth of a boy to a man, as we would any story spanning the length of a man (Or Woman's) life, but we miss the subleties of the novel if we generalize his work.