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06-20-2012, 07:39 AM
A funny, amusing comedy with quite unexpectable ending. A lot of humour about snobbery of upper classes.
The topic of the relationships of teacher and pupil interests me. A crucial point was a moment when Eliza made her first success in learning of pronunciation. After that, both she and Higgins became inspired by learning, they moved together to the goal. Unfortunately, Higgins didnít understand how that girl was to be treated.
Itís a rare case when an adult person can change just in 6 months. I like the idea that the way of speaking can betray a personís way of life, surroundings, in spite of perfect appearance, perfect pronunciation etc. Itís an actual idea even in modern life.
I have seen a film ďMy fair ladyĒ (1964) the actorsí play is wonderful, but the songs are a little bit long, it makes the action slow.