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Dark Muse
04-14-2012, 08:55 PM
There is something about this poem of which I found to be quite moving, and strikingly beautiful. In but a few lines I think it does capture so much and paints a vivid picture, as well as expressing a depth of emotion.

I love the contrast within the first and second verses. The first verse captures an adventuresome spirit, and speaks to the nautical theme of which I tend to enjoy. The language used is very upbeat. It presents a positive image that inspires a burst or energy and excitement for what the day might hold.

But than the second verse hints at a feeling of melancholy. It gives the image of descending darkness, and so to does the spirit also darken, it alludes to the death and dangers which await. Those that are left behind, and perhaps an unforeseen tragedy.

The Far-Farers

The broad sun,
The bright day:
White sails
On the blue bay:
The far-farers
Draw away.

Light the fires
And close the door.
To the old homes,
To the loved shore,
The far-farers
Return no more.