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05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
i am reading this bood for my english literature class, and although it is a hard book to read, and to get into, i found it an extremely interesting story, and once the hard part of reading it is over, you really do appreciate what a great writer Charles Dickens is. Some of you on this site have said that this book was extremely boring, but you have to appreciate, that this book was written to amuse those who had no television, and who had no amusement in their lives. This book was about an every day citizen, and really is aimed at those who would have read it at that time. With that in mind, i suggest you read this book again, as it truly is a great book, with many interesting turns. hehe i may sound like a nerd, but i was unsure about the book myself, and found it difficult to get through. When told to read it again, i really didnt want to. I hired out the movie, and watched that. The movie extended my understanding of the book, and really made me appreciate it. With that, i read it again, and now it would be up there with my favourites.