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05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
I am in nineth grade and I've read lots of Charles Dickens' books. I'm no bookworm and I'm no goody goody, and I don't make very good grades, so you can't say only little nerds understand this stuff. I play three sports and two on varsity my freshman year for a 4a school... and i still found time to read this book. I must say Great Expectations is perhaps the best book I've ever read, next to Desiree. You other kids who think this book is boring is probably because you don't understand it, and you probably don't care to understand it and that's why you dislike it so. Anybody who understands this book must fall in love with it, men or women. This book isn't a love story, it's about a man's quest for love... wouldn't you other ladies want your man to do such things for you? I sure wish my boyfriend would make for me that Pip makes for Estella.<br>