View Full Version : Not such a fan of GE

05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
Great Expectations, which I am not currently finished with (it is an assignment for my 9th grade English class, and since I hate my teacher, I do not feel compelled at all to read it), got so tedious I had to resort to the Cliffs Notes. The characters, although not as mind-numbing as Hamlet's, are easy to confuse with one another, and there are a few too many characters beginning with W's. Also, I found the plot very revealing of the method used to publish the novel. Dickens, as you may know, published GE chapter by chapter in his magazine. As a result, the reader encounters minor conflicts and "ministories" in each chapter. It builds to a major conflict, but this style of writing really does not appeal to me. I found a few too many coincidences and twists in the plot to really divulge myself in the novel. Also, the dialect used by the characters frankly annoyed me. However, the satire and humor employed by Dickens is refreshing especially after reading books like The Scarlet Letter. I actually laughed out loud at certain parts (read: the gravy thing in chapter 4--rather entertaining). Also, I liked the character background created for Miss Havisham. Pip undergoes a dramatic change in personality, I think, from childhood to adulthood. Perhaps this is Dickens's intent, but, as I progressed in the novel, I began to miss the old Pip.<br><br>Hope this helps someone out there...