View Full Version : Be realistic and Goal Oriented

Ahsan Kayani
05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
I read the book when i was in 6 standard at that time i couldnot realize what it was all about....but then one day when i was alone and searching for a new book, it just cliked me why not to study it again....to tell you the truth my life has changed...<br><br>By going through the novel you will find a variety of characters and every character will have its own importance and to be true the basic philosphy for reading a novel is to visualize it, be a part of each charater only then you can do justise with the character, and the moral behind the novel..<br><br>Its the quest to get something , to achieve something and that ultimately motivated me to change myself and to keep on trying to get some thing but for that you should be preety sure what do u want to Achieve.