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05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
The two endings are basically the same. In both endings, Pip and Estella continue friends apart. In the first ending, Pip has grown and accepted the sincere values of life. In the second ending, however, Pip continues with his life-long self-delusion about Estella. He feels that this is a new beginning for him and Estella, yet Estella clearly tells him that they will be "friends apart." He is still not listening. Dickens fooled most readers into self-delusionary acceptance of the ending that they wanted to hear<br>I really enjoyed this book. It has every ingredient that makes up an awesome book suspense, drama, sadiness, crime, love, revenge. Charles Dickens wrote a real page flipper and I was suprised that I enjoyed it so much since reading isn't really my thing<br>The book is good but for me a 9th grader it is hard for me to understand but as i get further into the book i begin to understand the meaning of it <br>Rate This Comment:<br> at last, it is very very boring