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Melly D
05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
well i'm in gr. 10 and we had to read and study Great Expectations... most of us hated reading it (except for one or two people who read Dickens' all the time for fun... can't fugure that one out yet) and it's not Dickens' fault... it was an awsome story and i loved how almost all the people Pip met were related in some way... however, the whole dickenzian way of writing was pretty annoying... what he could have said in a sentence, he dragged out for like a page... and some of the most intense parts (like the orlick episode) were ruined because of it... it was like "The Hobbit" all over again... no offence to J.R.R. Tolken fans... and i have to say that i like the original endning better then the published one... for those of you who don't know about the other ending, here's the back story:<br><br>Dickens' wrote an ending that he was happy with but his friend and critic Edward Bulwer Lytton convinced Dickens that it would not fly withe the public. so Dickens wote another ending which was published. the new ending was happier and apparently "more acceptable" but Dickens didn't like the 2nd ending. the original ending was not found until years after his death and is published in certain copies, sometimes as the ending or sometimes at the back after the story.... in the copy i'm using for school has the original ending at the back and includes a back story on the endings (that's where i got all that ^^) and shows where the original ending fits in. <br><br>i have to say that i do like the 1st ending better... even though it is more depressing, it fits with the rest of the novel and the themes and stuff... i think that's all i have to say on that subject so go read! and enjoy!