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05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
I must say that being a 9th grader; it was required reading for me to read it over the summer to get into the english honors class at the school I'm at. Since it was the summer, and my brain not being apt to doing much over the summer, i found a lot of what Great Expectations offered a bit tedious. Yes, it had many lessons in it... but the plot was so very twisted. I can't imagine anyone like Miss Havisham; staying in an old building never looking at the sun...stopping her whole life just because she was jilted on her wedding day. Many of the characters there were very twisted, but that's not to say the least that Dickens didn't mean to do that. For, I can tell he did, to give us a more blunt idea of what human characters are like. All in all, though it was a bit tiresome at points, i did enjoy it...and look forward to reading more of his works of literature.