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12-19-2002, 02:00 AM
Though I agree that this book is an exceptional working of an eceptional author, I found the ending to be quite a let down as it did notnstay true to the rest of the novel and the characters. How is it that, after being such a harsh and cold character in the beginning, Estella disappears only to return as what I can only describe as a different character. It reminds me of the many soaps I ahve watched where actors leave but their place is taken by another actor as the same character, and we are expected to simply accept them. I found it very hard to accept that Estella would change in such a way, and the reader is left with only their suspicions of how she changed, but never a real explanation. It was a book whcih did not call for a happy ending, and I believe the readers of the newspaper in which it was published were wrong to ask for one. Thank goodness some versions of the novel include the original ending, or it would be a bitter disappointment to those of us who have read and enjoyed the rest of the story.

05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
Great Expectations is my favorite work from Charles Dickens, who also happens to be my favorite author. It's weird when you realize that in spite of having such a hard upbringing, almost every story he wrote ends in a happy ending. In fact, Great Expectations was supposed to end in tragedy, but friends of Dickens persuaded him of putting the happy ending in the final editing. Wish ppl read this, cause it's a very good story.