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09-12-2011, 06:45 AM

I was planning to buy Sun Tsu's classic "The Art of War" but I unfortunately get confused due to dozens of different versions of the original text reaching from plain text translations to such that contain bloated psychological "self-help motivational" comments having barely anything to do with the original text.

After some research I found three versions, whereas two versions are from the same author but with different publishers.

Version 1:
Title: The Art of War
Involved: B. H. Liddell Hart (Contributor), Samuel B. Griffith (Translator)
Publisher: Publisher: OUP USA; New Ed edition (16 Mar 1971)

Version 2:
Title: The Art of War: The New Illustrated Edition of the Classic Text (The Art of Wisdom)
Involved: Samuel B. Griffith (Translator
Publisher: Duncan Baird Publishers; New Ill edition (18 Aug 2005)

Version 3:
Title: The Art of War (Penguin Classics)
Involved: John Minford (Translator)
Publisher: Penguin Classics (29 May 2008)

My question is: Has any of you made some experience with one of the mentioned version, and if so, give some recommendation? I am also open for other versions which are close to the original text.

Thank you for your endeavours.