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05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
Tom Sawyer is, without a doubt, my favourite book... The 1st time I read it, I was 8... some 15 years later, it still tops the list of my personal favourites... it has evrything... adventure, love, friendship, loyalty, freedom, duty... not to mention the sweet flavour of a true childhood lived in close contact with nature... it's perfect...<br>One might say that this book is not very realistic... my answer to that is pretty clear... a book is not supposed to be realistic... if you want to see reality, turn on the TV and watch the news on CNN or NBC... it might also be said that this book is not appealing to today's children and pre-teens... unfortunately, that seems to be the truth... nowadays, kids grow up in forests of steel and concrete, with no contact with nature... and instead the healthy street-fighting, baseball games and skinned knees, today's kids are more into videogames and MTV... where's the innocence and authenticy? Tom Sawyer knows the answer... if you wanna know, ask him! He represents the sacred values and freedon on which our great nation was built....