View Full Version : Down to brass tacks

05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
I'm curious as to how many people (especially those who so adamantly disagree with it) have come to even understand how evolution by natural selection even works. In The Origin of Species, Darwin lays the ground work quite well, but it has taken nigh 150 years for modern science, with its exponential accumulations of data and research techniques unheard of in the 19th century, to verify--with the certitude that one comes to expect from scientific inquiry--that Darwin's "Theory" is, indeed, a fact of nature.<br><br>It truly is odd how divisive this book and its subject have become. All one need do is imagine the equivalent reaction to, say, Newton's Principia, with one side bemoaing Newton's disregard for the scripture that is Aristotelean physics, the other side left baffled by such a tenacious grip on such an out-moded view of the universe. <br><br>Maybe one day the evolution nay-sayers will come to their senses, but seeing how convictions have a way of making even the most sensible of people blind to what's in front of their very faces, I don't see an epidemic of sense among the general populous any time soon. Maybe--if only maybe--more people could come to not only read Darwin in his own words, but really understand how evolution through natural selection even works, we might have a fighting chance. At that point they can choose to not accept Darwin's universe, but that doesn't make them any less subject to its rules. In the cold logic of natural selection: They can choose to adapt or die.