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Jason Clarke
05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
Regarding Jennifer's comment...(the "TOTAL DISHONESTY" one)<br><br>I can't believe people are rating that comment so low. I gave her a 10 for being funny but also for making a good point...the "ONLY a theory" guy totally quoted out of context to pretend Darwin was a creationist literalist just like him. I hope he didn't fool anyone, but it looks like he didn't because they're rating his comment low too.<br><br>But incidentally I wouldn't say Genesis is a "load of crap." I personally don't think the stories are true but I think of them as important pieces of literature and poetry and of human history. Also, some of the stroies are interesting and teach us things we can still appreciate. I still think religious texts are worth studying even if you don't believe in the religions.