View Full Version : loved it!

05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
this was a great book seriously. i usually don't go for classics like this, as they are usually very difficult to read and confusing. not to mention sometimes they smell bad too. xD but anyways, it was a good book. i like reading but i am very picky in choosing books. the only thing i thought went wrong was the fact that jo married mr. bhaer. WHY? why didn't she marry her ~supposedly~ true love? couldn't she see how much laurie loved her? she was the one he liked best, after all and i think they should have been life-long companions. and amy! i rather liked her language and her artistry and stuff and the whole cover up for really having a funny temper. she reminds me of my friend in the nicest way. amy...i think she would be the perfect girl for some wealthy old gentleman from ireland, or britain or somewhere in europe. either that or some young rich guy. jo and laurie, laurie and jo. get it? yeah. off track, i feel sorry for beth. that was terrible. anyhoo, time to close up. <br>~nonsense made possible by •ºBreeZy iCeº•™