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05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
My favourite book since I was eight (and I had a crush on Laurie then), I still think it's brilliant now ten years later. Alcott gives it much classical charm, and it is in turn humourous, witty, hopeful, tragic, and dramatic. It retains the spirit of hopefulness, optimism and greatfulness despite the difficult times it was set in (the American civil war)- something few books nowadays are able to do, and Alcott is able to moralise without preaching. All her characters seem very realistic (perhaps because she based them on real people!) especially Jo, who's probably one of the most loved heroines of late 19th century literature.<br><br>Of course, if there was one thing I could change about the book, I would make Jo fall in love with Laurie. And I agree, it would be immensely amusing to see her try to fit into high society. But as Alcott's the author, the choice should be respected. Practically, I can understand how Amy and Laurie would probably be a better suited couple especially in upper-class society, but the old romantic in me truly believes Jo and Laurie were meant to be. Oh well.<br><br>'Heartily' recommended to anyone of any age who wants a good read, 'Little Women' and its sequels 'Little Men' and 'Jo's Boys' are not to be missed!