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05-24-2005, 06:07 PM
I noticed many people wrote on Jo and Laurie, which I am glad of, because I believe that Laurie and Jo should have married as well... I mean, I think of this for a few reasons: One... I believe that Mr. Bhaer is just... boring... Two... Amy and Laurie barely love eachother in that sence.. or at least, they don't show it. Three: Laurie said that he would always love Jo, and you can tell in even Little Men, or Jo's boys, that he still loves Jo in the same way, yeat tries to keep it hidden. <br><br>and maybe Jo and Laurie werent meant to get married, but I and many others would probably preffer they don't get married to anyone if they don't marry each other.... maybe you don't agree with me... but that is how I truely feel.<br> ~Katherine~