View Full Version : Plato's Sun and Line analogies...

Sionn Harrow
02-01-2011, 09:45 PM
I need to write an essay on Plato's Sun and Line analogies, and I'm struggling with basic comprehension :'( It looks like the two ideas contradict each other-- I'm officially confused.

What I understand of the Sun analogy: light from the sun allows man to see, which reveals the world. Like man, the soul is illuminated by truth. (things fall apart for me about here.) :mad2:

Line analogy: it's not the line that's important, it's the idea that the line conveys.

Am I just dumber than the rest of the world? because these aren't making any sense to me...I read the chapter through twice. I am trying...:willy_nilly:
thanks in advance to anyone who takes pity on me.