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Leland Gaunt
08-22-2010, 12:48 AM
Hello, I have recently started listening to a lot of folk music. Now when I say folk I'm referring to the modern variety; meaning artists like The Felice Brothers, Fleet Foxes, and The Avett Brothers. From the early years I have only gotten to listen to Bob Dylan, and Leonard Cohen. So any other Folk fans out there?

Here's the lyrics to my favorite song at the moment:
Goddamn You, Jim- The Felice Brothers
Winter passed without a glance, took our only boy at last
You cried God's arms were a blind an' bleeding ocean
Blooming spring brought all I need
Warmth and rain for me to seed my earth, good earth for our boy to lie in
In the summer I work my land
She walks like she still held his hand
And I swear to God I caught her once or twice a'smiling.
In the autumn, the gold wheat swaying,
I cut her down from where she was swinging
She said: Goddamn you, Jim, up there I could hear him laughing

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rH9x4S3-wVY(I love the stories that The Felice Brothers tell)
It would be great If someone from outside the US, had some of their own country's folk music.