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Charlotte Brontė

Sumarry chapter 5 and 6

5. The master of thornfield hall.

The life on Thronfield Hall was very pleasant. One afternoon Jane Eyre went out for a walk and she heard a horse and a dog. Then she sees that the rider fell down and she offered him help. The man asked her who she was, and she responded that she was the governess and the man accepted the help and the he disappeared.
This man resulted to be Mr. Rochester but he Jane saw him little for several days. One evening he called her and they speak, and one afternoon he told her the story of Adele. Jane started to feel very comfortable with Mr. Rochester.
One night Jane heard a noise, a laugh, and she jumped out of bed and she saw smoke and Mr. Rochester“s room was on fire and she try to wake him and to put out the fire. Then Mr. Rochester awoke and she told him about the fire and laugh, she thinks it was Grace Poole. He say her to tell nobody what has happened and she go away.
The next morning she saw servants fixing the room and also Grace Poole. Jane asked her what happened, and Grace told her about the fire. Jane says to her that she heard a strange laugh.
Mrs. Fairfax said to Jane that Mr. Rochester go to a journey where is Blanche Ingram, a beautiful woman that is hoping to marry Mr. Rochester. Jane feel sad and angry because his feelings with him.

6. Guest in the house.

After two weeks, Mrs. Fairfax received a letter from Mr. Rochester, and she say that he will be here in three gays with a lot of rinds so she have to get the rooms ready . One afternoon they heard they coming, Miss Blanche also was coming. The evening passed and Jane was not invited.
The next gay Mrs. Fairfax said that Mr. Rochester wants Adele to meet the ladies after dinner tonight and that he would like that Jane be there. But Jane didn’t want to so she decide to go and leave soon. When Jane was there she sits in a corner half-hidden, she see Blanche Ingram with Mr. Rochester and she noticed that Lady Ingram don’t like governesses.
Jane leaves when Mr. Rochester stops singing. In the hall Mr. Rochester saw her and he told her to come back but Jane says that she was tired. He asks her if she was unhappy and Jane answered that no but tears came and she quickly turned her head and leave.
One afternoon Mr. Rochester had to go to Milcote. A stranger arrives, he said that he was an old friend of Mr. Rochester, his name is Richard Mason.
When Mr. Rochester returned Jane told her about Mason and Mr. Rochester became white, he cried and took Jane hand and he asked her that I everyone turned against him she will remain with him, so Jane told him that she would. Mr. Rochester says Jane to call for Mason.
That night Jane heard Mr. Rochester saying “This is your room, Mason. Sleep well! Good Night.” , with a cheerful voice. So Jane thought all is well and she fell asleep.

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