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11-01-2009, 10:41 PM
Ok, so I must create a multimedia project using one approach to literature for Jane Eyre. I'm not sure whether to use feminist or psychological. Any suggestions? Any thoughts would help me. Also, any ideas of how I should approach the project? I am using a power point, but I'm unsure about the rest- Thanks! Hanna

12-14-2009, 05:16 PM
i am in no way qualified, i'm just an Alevel student. i'll just clear that up first :)

urm i would have said feminist, as the fact Jane Eyre was strong willed, independent, and didn't subject to what was expected of women at the time, so whilst not an open "I am feminist" type thing, it's definately there.

no ideas on how to approach it thoughh.

12-15-2009, 04:36 AM
Feminist has been battered to death in the meantime and is not a novelty. You can only 'prove' that Jane Eyre is feminist (again) and that is quite boring because everyone knows that there is such 'proof' which some disregard and some take to heart. I personally am not one of the ones who believes it. I am rather the pragmatic sort that acknowledges that there are different sorts of people who react differently to all sorts of things that happen to them, even in the 19th century.

That said, I guess there is only the psychological approach left... :D Anyway, I do find that it opens more perspectives in the long story. You can compare her look on things when she is young with her look on things when she is older (why does she bear a grudge against her aunt in the beginning and no longer at the end; why does she bear no grudge against Rochester (he would have implicated her in a bigamous marriage of all things and would have lied to her about something as important as that!); where does she change). Philosophy of Epictetus comes into this, I think; plus, you can also involve the Christ-idea in that (submission rather than rebellion). You can do the passions-duty thing (essays on the net). It has been done before but not so much and well-known as the feminist thing. At any rate, you can involve the feminist in that too, only not on its own. Bildungsroman (coming of age) is also a psychological thing.

Is this a start? Maybe you can look for occasional powerpoint-presentations on the net. Sometimes you find some of university courses, which can be interesting for your own presentation. Keep asking questions if you are still wondering!