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09-25-2009, 08:00 AM
What to write? Poems? All old stuff, something bequeathed to us through generations. Sticking to lifeless styles, using ostentatious dictions and archaic sentence structures and time worn clichés and phrases with pedantic themes.
Or essays, novels, stories grouping all my writing into fictions and nonfictions.
Can I write something out of this bound, rising to a different stature? A little different from conformity.
No for fear of the disliking of my readers I am systems bound and shut in the frameworks that have been given to me. By my schools, the society I am in to ensued a convention.
At times I think ingeniously and inventively and want to be off the track. Walking the un-walked path, and doing something undone.
Let me compose a piece that is unconventional, something that is unbound to systems.
As if the unconscious is totally put forth.
Is it possible to be a successful writer – the type that writes un-classically and can still interest the reader? Of course becoming un-formulaic.
People choose formulae for everything, and idealize a particular course, and feel comfortable with conformities.
People subscribe to conformities, values that are convened, followed thru generations. And at times I feel why not I should be inventive and render a different tang than the rest of course.

Let us revolutionize our writing.
And not following the Way.

Structuring it just to interest the reader and make it comprehensible. uncaring of course structures are ungrammatical or syntactically poor.

Why should you care as far as it can entertain and instruct.

And that is what I think.

What do you think?