View Full Version : Are we bubbles?

07-25-2009, 07:26 AM
I often think what I am and why was I born? Is there any meaning at all? Then if there is any meaning or value how do we measure it. What the yard sick of that value at all?

Man' s life is so uncertain that we do not know or cannot say what will happen in a short while.

Life is so engrossing, so engaging we love to live for ever and ever, but life does not go smoothly the way we want it to in point of fact, and we get tirled of everything.

Joys are short lived and that is they they are joys.

We know when we part and meet again after a prolonged parting we become happy, but the joy goes on decreasing and after a short while we will start feeling as if there is no joy in meeting.

Life is so sweet, and beautiful because life is short-lived, passing.

Life is likened to bubbles. You cannot see a thing of beauty everlasting. See rose, it blooms with the rising sun and fades with the setting sun. But the moment it is blooming matters and we carry the image of the rose that is blooming and that image carried in our memory chamber is what makes us happy.

It is memories and memories that liven up life, and give us vitality and the fleeing of liveliness.

07-26-2009, 01:14 AM
...hmmm...bubbles? Well, I understand, I think, the transient comparison, we are all in this existence for a short while. I think I prefer the rose analogy a bit better. It gets more apparent the older we get.

Live for the moment then, it's really the only thing you have and in what ever state you find yourself in that moment, the red canes of new stalks, the growth of leaves, the budding or the spreading of the petals of the flower, its maturity, or its loosing its petals, fading, drying and returning to the soil.

In that respect, yes, perhaps we are incidental in the grand scheme of things, but we are important incidentals...remember that journey of a thousand miles...perhaps you are step 345 and I am step 421, but without us, there might be no journey.