View Full Version : First Impression of Don Quixote

07-22-2009, 09:04 PM
I finished it yesterday, and before I spoil my take by reading everyone else's opinion, I'd like to give mine:

Periods can never be fully understood in their own time. You have to look back at the whole picture to get the full meaning. Don Quixote is the embodiment of the chivalric period of lit, and his quest is to make sense of the ideas it taught in a world where the period has come and gone.

His madness comes from accepting the details of his histories as dogma. His genius and insight come from the art's philosphies.

Sancho in his simplenesss is unable to believe earnestly the wild claims of his master, but indoctrinates the simple black and white morality they contain. By absorbing these ideas he eraches his full potential.

Thus Don Quixote plays the role of priest or even the Church. Sancho is the ignorant, yet benign masses.

There's obviously more to it than that with the role of love and heroism and madness and self assesment, but I'll go read ya'll's take on that.