View Full Version : Bury the past; for it deadens the present

06-19-2009, 11:49 AM
We idealize the past shadowing the present; for valuing the past at the expense of the present is to ignore the living present.

Observe a tree. It during fall drops its old leaves. The old leaves simply give shabby looks.

In fact old generations should not stand as barricades when new generations take strides.

Of course in some instances history can be taken as examples. For instance we have seen two great wars: World war I and II.

We should read history to the extent of learning lessons from them.

We by nature tend to revere history; for we idealize all that we had in the past. But all past ideals have gathered mosses and are decaying. We should not get tangles of the past.

Let us clear the webs or snares of the past and take the present as something vital.

Deadwood, the past enervates us and we become half dead if we simply become attached to the past

We feel comfortable for the past a comfy abode that houses our souls, but that comfort limps us ultimately.

Once we bury all our past ideals we can still live but more happily in essence.

All of us know that following the past have harmed us. Today's fundamentalists were born of this notion of the past.

Let us bury the past and live the present.