View Full Version : 2-3 page essay due tomorrow.

Kenny Hoach
05-28-2009, 10:22 PM
Hi, I'm kinda new to the whole forum thing so I'll just get to the point. I have an essay due tomorrow and I'm totally stuck. Here is the prompt.

"Take one of these smaller episodes from the play and write a 2-3 page story (typed, double spaced, size 12 basic font) expanding this episode. Your story much fit (have the "feel" of) the story. No slag or modern term or anachronisms.
1. Portia's suicide
2. Caesar's last evening alive
3. Calphurnia's response to Caesar's murder."

I've already decided to do Portia's suicide but that is as far as I've gotten...

If anyone could give me some ideas they will be greatly appreciated. :D:D
Thank you!