View Full Version : Questions that need to be answered for Romeo and Juliet.

robert j
05-25-2009, 08:31 AM
How is it Mercutio’s fault that Romeo had to die tragically?

What would happen if Romeo and Juliet never tragically died? Would both their parents naturally accept this like the Friar’s vision? Or would this relationship cause an uprising between the two households more than ever before?

In Act 4 scene 4, is this scene relevant to the play? This scene just displays the dialogue of Capulet demanding servants to haste preparations. How does this have any relevant significance to the plot of the play?

What is the meaning of the words “O true Apothecary!” in Romeo’s last phrases before he dies?

What is the meaning of the discontent for Juliet’s death by the musicians when she is first discovered dead? Why do they only seem to continue to socialize and debate what song to play at a time of death?