View Full Version : Similarities between characters in Romeo and Juliet.

05-24-2009, 12:56 PM
How are Friar Lawrence & the Nurse similar? Please provide a few examples to better my understanding of the concept and answers. Thanks!

I have read Romeo and Juliet, but I still wonder when exactly the turning point occurred. So I'm wonders, When was the turning point in Romeo and Juliet?

I have heard from my high school english teacher that Shakespeare created these plays all to be tragedies in the end. This was because of a phase in his life. Does any one know why he make them tragedies?

It is sort of unclear through out the play so I am asking. Who exactly the protagonists and antagonists were throughout Romeo and Juliet? Thanks!

It makes it seem like it is Romeos fault that Mercuito was killed, but I am wondering others opinion on was it really Romeos fault that Mercutio was killed?