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04-21-2005, 12:20 AM
I am afraid I come not to contribute, but to ask for help =x. I am a junior in high school, and have been assigned an essay prompt, but I have NO IDEA how to begin.

This is my "thesis:"

When A Room of One’s Own is studied from a psychoanalytical point of view, Virginia Woolf’s mindset is reflected in her words, and from this is gained the understanding of how the individual`s mindset will influence their writing.


Could anyone explain to me how I should begin this essay ? Even though I "have" a thesis, I`m not sure if it follows the prompt. Any help writing this essay would be GREATLY appreciated !


Writing situation: There are many schools of literary criticism that shape the evaluation of a piece of literature. Each "school" represents a perspective through which a critic interprets a given work. Once you understand the different schools of literary criticism, you can then measure the validity of an interpretation against your own reading of the work. It is important to consider the purpose of the writer, her subject, her audience, the occasion of her writing, and her style (SOAPSS).

Prompt: Though rooted in time and place, a classic is both timeless and universal. A Room of One’s Own is a classic. At the heart of the work Woolf compares and contrasts reality and what could be while underscoring the need to live one’s life deliberately. How does this text further your understanding of the individual in society today? Choose a critical theory and use it to refine your interpretation of A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf.